Hanna Høibø

Hanna Høibø makes abstract paintings thematising process and materiality. Her paintings often explore the relationship between the gestural and the graphic, the translucent and the opaque, and the fragmented and the dense. Her work comments on painting’s identity as both an illusion and an object: Areas built up from multiple transparent layers of paint creating pictorial depth are set up against opaque areas of impasto paint that flatten the pictorial space.

She often uses masking tape or masking fluid to mask off areas of the background. When these masked off areas are exposed, they often appear to be in the foreground. She enjoys how this creates a push and pull effect which complicates the foreground-background relation in the work.

Many of the paintings have clearly defined brush strokes, that reference both the process of making the work and the art historical meaning of the gestural brush stroke. The process and the tools she uses to paint can be recognized in the end result: the width of the brush, or the viscosity of the paint, or the charcoal drawing underneath are central to the final appearance of her work. The visible process enables viewers to read each painting not just as an image but rather as a series of events or decisions.

Hanna Høibø recently graduated from the Ruskin School of Art – Oxford University


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